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thank you for visiting our website. KHW Umweltdienst GmbH joint filler experts have been serving the construction and landscaping industry with quality products for all pavings for over 30 years. We offer special joint filler products for all fields of application. Since 1986 we have focused on high quality products which are environmentally friendly. It is our goal to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to common joint filler solutions.

Learn more about our high quality joint filler products on our website. Our in-house developed one-component joint fillers “1k classic” and “1k elastic” are leading in quality in this product category. Furthermore we offer high quality solutions in all types of paving categories.

Our German and international distribution partners (Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, China, Japan, India etc.) value our high quality environmentally friendly construction materials.

We hope our website will help to inform and convince you of our joint filler product range. Please contact us anytime about joint filler products.

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Inform yourself about our diverse product offering and contact us with any questions about joint filler!

immobest 1k classic

immobest 1k classic is a ready mixed, vacuum-packed, 1-component joint filler.

immobest 1k elastic

Immobest 1k elastic is perfectly apt for the use with ceramic tiles and paving with narrow joints.